You or your loved ones are worthy of the best from life in your golden years, and the best is Clackamas View Senior Living. We have the best assisted living facilities in Milwaukie and on of the best through-out Oregon. Our retirement community allows you to encircle your loved ones or yourself with comforts of home. Our assisted living facility strives to surround you with welcoming amenities to ensure your comfort. In our assisted living home you will be able to renew old friendships as well as build new ones with our staff and other residents.

At Clackamas View Senior Living you will find its every easy to stay engaged with your friends, family, and community. Our assisted living facility is full of people who are about one another. We also want to ensure that you will feel our hospitality and kindness at our senior assisted living home. You can rest assured that you or your loved one will feel the support and security that will make their time at Clackamas View Senior Living that much better.

Our assisted living facility offers a wide range of care for all residents. We are located in a very beautiful and peaceful neighborhood setting with great views of the our beautiful Mt. Hood. We also take pride in our preparation of our home-style meals, where everything is made just like at home.

Your and your family are welcome to take a tour of our assisted living facility, simply fill out the form to the left of give us a call (503) 659-2325.